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Hire.Bid is a new professional marketplace that just launched its public beta, initially ... More

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Published 7 Jan 2015

It seems a little unfair that the expert professional freelancer rarely gets their true worth in the marketplace these days. What tends to happen is that a business advertises for the most qualified expert in their field for a project, the professional submits a price and the market takes care of itself. It's the way it's worked for years. The only trouble is, businesses tend to be drawn to the cheapest possible option and both sides end up settling for less. The business loses out because they don't get the best people available and the professional doesn't get full worth for their efforts. Hire.Bid turns the process on its head by putting the most qualified professional back in the driving seat.
Hire.Bid is a new professional marketplace that has just launched its public beta and is initially focused on the Washington, DC metro region. It takes a revolutionary new approach to connecting professionals and clients by putting the power back where it belongs - with the best-qualified professional. In the current marketplaces, potential clients put up their projects for bids and the result is often that the lowest price bidder wins.  Unfortunately, low price often equate to lower service and, consequently, expert professionals tend not to be attracted to these kinds of marketplaces. In complete contrast, Hire.Bid professionals can offer up their available time blocks for auction on the marketplace and potential clients can then bid on that time. As a result, the best professionals will get better rewarded in the form of higher prices for their services. Initially, Hire.Bid is targeting highly qualified business, technical and legal professionals who want to earn extra money on nights and weekends and are based in the Washington, DC metro area. It also targets potential clients who are interested in utilizing the expertise of the best talent in that area. Professionals can simply sign in with LinkedIn to offer up their time for bidding and choose the time block and the number of work hours they are prepared to work per time block. It can be as short as an hour or two on a particular evening or weekend or it can be as many hours as they have available. Clients can set the parameters of the work to be performed in the time block as part of their offer. It's a great way to harness the expertise of the most-qualified professionals in the Washington, DC metro area and can be the difference between success and failure for your project.
To be honest, its about time the hiring concept was tweaked to redress the balance between client and professional. The fact is, when you settle for a lower price for a commodity, you generally end up getting an inferior product.Hire.Bid is unlike any other website connecting professionals and clients for a project because it turns the hiring concept on its head and puts the professional back in control of their own destiny - giving them better recompense for their expertise. It also gives clients the chance to secure the best-qualified individuals - for advice and other work - that they wouldn't normally be able to afford. Interestingly, Hire.Bid is located just a few blocks down the road from the White House in Washington, DC. The developers are working on continually improving the app, adding new features and expanding to other areas very soon.

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