Developer description

HireTeamMate in a nutshell automates recruiting and simplifies job search.

We tap into the cloud to automate recruiting with data driven filtering of unqualified candidates to deliver good candidates. We also tap into the crowd with talent scouts who are trained semi-professional recruiters who do the marketing and peer-recruiting for the openings you put on our site leveraging their own networks to get you the person who is a good fit. You can save time and money.

Everything is online. You can see all the applicants and notes, schedule phone screenings and interviews in our application tracking system. Try us before you buy us. Posting a job is free once you sign our Service Agreement. Our hiring process takes on average only 2 weeks and we charge flat fee per successful hire with a 90 day guarantee. None of the ridiculous 30% first year salary stuff.

Last updated 25 Nov 2015

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