Developer description

Hisocial is a marketing tool that will allow you to create quickly and easily your own Online Promotions (you can create Discount coupons, coupon 2x1, downloads promotions,…) in both Spanish and English. One of the great advantages offered by Hisocial is that it will make your promotions and campaigns viral and widespread. You will be able to publish all your promotions on Facebook and Twitter through applications that we offer on our platform, as well as on your own website with a code that will allow you to insert easily the promotion. We will spread your promotion on Hisocial and on our social network accounts! The types of promotions that can be created are: Coupons & Deals: coupons, promotions 2x1 ... both for Online Shops (Ecommerce) and for physical stores (printable coupons) Download Area: This is a restricted access area where users can download all kinds of materials (an e-book, a market report, a screensaver, a song, video, images...)

Last updated 6 Mar 2012