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Histofme is a site where you can write and share the chronicles of your life.
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Published 30 Oct 2011

It probably won't be until later on  in your life that you will wish you had taken part in this. But I'll tell you about it anyway. Histofme is a writing share site where you can chronicle every single event in your life. Now imagine how cool it would have been if you had started this as a little kid and you can look back on it now. I know what you're thinking already. Histofme is like keeping a diary of your life in the 21st Century and you'll never need a pen.
Histofme is a site where you can write and share the chronicles of your life.
You can record anything and everything you want to always remember about your life! Maybe your job has changed in some way? Or your relationship has changed - maybe a new girlfriend/boyfriend or you are newly single or recently married? Did you move to a new city or house? Change your hair color or style or get it cut? You could have started at a new school or graduated or even traveled to a new country? Bought a new car? Had a kid? Went to see your favorite band in concert? Anything else you want to always remember? Record the history of your life! Then all you need is your friends to join to create your very own ancestry social network for friends. You will see their names scattered through your life anyway and interacting with your own. You can look through their timelines and see what they’ve been up to in their lives.

Well of course its just a glorified diary for the modern era but there's nothing wrong with that. It's an amazing thing but the older you get the more you want to be able to remember all the details from your younger days. I was given a document recently that was a bunch of recollections written by my mother when she was in her teens and it was one of the most fascinating things I've ever read. Imagine the fun your kids have when they read itlateron in life. Which makes me think it might be an idea to leave out the stuff with the pizza delivery boy.

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