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Description Hitch-A-Ride Earn money on your regular commute. Organise a lift right now without calling everyone you know. Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, Hitch-A-Ride makes real time carpooling fast, safe and easy. “I love that I can log on and instantly start communicating with the people I know are headed in the same direction as me to organise a ride.” – Marcus Hann.
HOW IT WORKS Getting around town has never been easier. Hitch-A-Ride is the carpooling, ridesharing social network. Hitch-A-Ride uses GPS technology and social media integration to connect you with lifts and carpooling options in your local area.
You can choose to stick to the contacts you know and trust from your friends list or there’s also the option to expand your network and meet more people if you like too.
• Save time and money – no more taxi drivers taking the longest route to stretch out the fare or wasting time on public transport
• Drivers can earn extra money on a route they’d be taking anyway or even turn Hitch-A-Ride trips into a part time second job
• Terms are negotiated directly between drivers and passengers – some charge a flat fee, others just want you to bring the coffee or split the parking costs with them
• You can schedule journeys in advance or see who’s available to give you a lift right now
• Invite friends, save your favourite drivers – Hitch-A-Ride makes it so easy to organise getting from A to B
WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING “My work hours make it really hard to get public transport and I can’t afford a taxi every day. Using Hitch a Ride I was able to link up with someone who works at the warehouse next door and get a lift to and from work for about a third of what I used to have to pay” – Liam Mullins
“One of my Facebook friends and I were both driving pretty much the same route and paying city parking fees every day; now we share the commute and some long overdue catch up time!” – Indiana Packard
“I don’t like the idea of getting in a car with a stranger, so it’s great that Hitch A Ride lets you communicate with the other person before accepting the lift. It gives me peace of mind” – Rosie O’May
GET IT FREE NOW Hitch-A-Ride is available for free download from the App Store now. For more information, visit www.hitcharide.me or download the app to start ride sharing and carpooling today.

Last updated 10 Apr 2015