Developer description

Hitflow is a monitoring solution for freelance developers, web agencies or IT departments of large companies.

We offer tools to monitor access to websites, applications or servers connected to the Internet. In the event of a failure, alerts are sent to users who can intervene to fix the situation.

Monitoring the availability of an application or website accessible from the Internet. If it does not respond or if the website returns an unauthorized error code, an alert is issued immediately. Response times are also collected and available for analysis from the manager.

Receive reports sent by servers regarding the use of hardware resources (CPU, RAM, storage space...). In case the percentage of usage exceeds the set alert threshold, an alert is sent to the system administrator.

SSL Certificates
Daily reading of SSL Certificates to detect changes and alert if necessary. A reminder system also provides an alert when the expiration date is approaching.

Domain Names
Daily query of Whois directories to monitor the status and renewal date of domain names in order to send alerts if needed. Analysis of DNS record changes also allows to send notifications to the owner.

In addition, in the event that several people are responsible for monitoring, we also offer features to facilitate team management:
- Hitflow account access possible using multiple user accounts.
- configuration of the times during which a contact can be alerted.
- configuration of maintenances to deactivate the monitoring when a maintenance is scheduled.

A discovery offer is available to allow you to test and evaluate the reliability of our solution before going any further.

Last updated 1 Feb 2021

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