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Developer description is a hockey news app that displays the day's news team-by-team. Similar to a RSS reader but better, gathers and organizes articles written by media outlets, newspapers and bloggers to give you a more clear view of the day's latest hockey news.

Users can customize which teams they wish to follow and they can even create custom feeds that include articles and blog posts from their favorite sources. Articles and posts related to the most trending players are tracked by our platform and can be viewed from within the app.

Hockey news is displayed in a simple easy-to-read user interface which is optimized for laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Hockey fans can get the service for free by signing up at the website using an e-mail or by logging in using their Twitter or Facebook account. A native app for iOS mobile devices is slated to be released soon as well as a new player alert feature. Create an account today to stay up-to-date with the latest hockey news and join our growing user base of devoted hockey fantasy players and everyday NHL hockey fans.

Last updated 28 Oct 2016

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