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Wifi theft is more than a common annoyance, it may be slowing down your connection speed and costing you money! Don’t let your neighbors steal your wifi, use Home Wifi Alert! This app is FREE, fast, and easy to use right at home on any of your Android devices. It works by quickly scanning your home network and identifying all of the wired and wireless devices that are using the internet connection. You’ll be able to see everyone that’s connected to your wifi in a clean, concise list and instantly discover if any unwanted devices are linked in. Wifi thieves drain your network and steal some of the speed and connection that you’re paying for! Every 10 minutes, the app runs another quick scan to view all of the devices that are on the network.
Running in the background, it’s always hard at work keeping a keen eye on your network connections and protecting your wifi. A vibration and message will alert you whenever a new device joins the network and you’ll find out immediately if there’s a thief in your midst. This smart app even displays technical data for each device including the IP address, host name, MAC address, and manufacturer name. All of this information is available to you for devices that are currently connected to your network or have recently been connected. Narrow down your suspects with this detailed information and you’ll be able to take justice into your own hands.
Create your very own trusted network with this app by building a trusted list of devices that are welcome on the network. This means that your family laptops, phones, printers, and other devices are more than welcome to stay but you can designate and label unwelcome devices as untrusted. Home Wifi Alert’s network scanner and trusted network system work every time and you can count on this high tech software to safeguard your internet and alert you when someone is stealing your wifi. Untrusted devices slow down your internet connection and put a strain on your wifi! Don’t overpay and compensate for faster internet speeds or suffer with a slow connection, take charge and stop wifi theft altogether with Home Wifi Alert!

Last updated 9 Mar 2015

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