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Editor's review

Published 30 Nov 2011

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of it, rummaging through drawers when trying to find the instruction manual or guarantee for the kitchen appliance that’s just decided to stop working. To be honest I still am guilty of it and this app was clearly developed with people like me in mind. Having said that, anyone who has perhaps been more organized historically and kept all of their home maintenance information filed neatly away will still find this app more than useful.

Not only does it make perfect sense to have a centralized record of all things related to the upkeep of your home but it can also be used as the property’s service history. This could be a handy piece of information when you come to sell and will make life easier not only for you but for the eventual purchaser as your Homespot account can be transferred to them.

From keeping the simplest records, like what kind of light bulbs are needed for certain rooms, to making sure important documentation is conveniently to hand, this system will let you get everything in order.

Major maintenance and home improvement projects can also be scheduled and prioritized and automated reminders can be set to make sure you get on with them. The system will also give handy tips on maintenance issues and help you with shopping lists for your different projects and tasks. On the subject of shopping you’ll also get notifications of deals and offers from a host of suppliers and service providers.

Never find yourself scratching around for a guarantee or set of instructions again and get all of the stuff relating to your valuable home in one place.


With all of the planning and scheduling apps around it’s good to see one specifically developed for home maintenance. After all, it’s probably the most valuable asset any of us have so it deserves to be looked after.

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