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Where winning happens all the time
The advent of the Honcker app has transported car leasing to an uncharted terrain in the auto industry. It has removed the tinted windows of the business where obscurity and ambiguity mask consumers’ access to clear data and numbers. Instead, Honcker ushers in transparency and a “what you see is what you get” policy. An aspirational Jaguar owner can now navigate options such as makes, models, mileage, and prices in a quick manner that provides a wide array of choices with clarity and precision. The models available will appear on the app, with all the additional details such as exterior color, interior material and add-ons. Most importantly, is the low price that Honcker offers. Honcker has to record, beat all prices to the delightful surprise of its multitude of lessees. Many are feeling the buzzing bliss that one feels when winning a prize. Indeed, Honcker has truly redefined the art of the deal. Not only has it beat competitors prices on cars of all price ranges, it has treated the new car lessee with the concierge service often limited to the avenues of luxury and privilege. It is winning with all the fanfare—ribbon, bow, and the hoopla that goes with it. After the adventure of discovery one experiences while using the app comes the sheer joy of winning a laughably low price. Even as it seems that the heights of good fortune have been reached, a new level is rolled out in the form of a same or next day delivery right to your door. It all transpires faster than one can dream it!

Honcker is for the auto industry what others have done to the airline industry, the hotel market, taxi service, and the retail market. It is proud of its ability to set trends, and trail blaze and looks forward to making many more champions, one happy, lucky, rock bottom price car lessee at a time!

Last updated 22 Jan 2017

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