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Published 29 May 2012

Time for the boys in tha hood to stand up and pay attention. HoodHype Show is a completely free magazine style music application for iPhone that is dedicated to spreading the word about the independent voices from the underground of hip-hop, R&B, Soul and reggae. This worldwide production of emerging artists and solid gold stars is now available for iPhone and provides podcasts and live music, news and  interviews with some of the hottest independent music on the Internet.
The HoodHype iPhone app was developed for listeners of the HoodHype Independent Hip-Hop Talk show.  Users can download past episodes of the show, tune in LIVE on show days and get access to exclusive iPhone user-only content like unreleased interviews, iPhone wallpapers, show bits and outtakes.  Users can also browse and submit photos to display on the site via the user-submitted pictures section, browse the HoodHype.com blog, view the staff twitter feed and email them directly! Get the app, unlock the stash and you can watch and listen as they record live episodes of hip-hop, R&B, soul and reggae. The show reaches listeners around the world through the podcast via iTunes and LIVE through the  website. They also syndicate the show through various other mediums bringing new music to listeners on mobile phones, gaming consoles (XBOX, PS3, PSP, etc), set top boxes and much much more! Unlike any other television or radio broadcast The HoodHype Show features some of the hottest underground music as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry. HoodHype is constantly evolving to become a spot where you can always find the hottest independent music on the Internet. See the latest and browse past episodes of the show and listen to them in their entirety on-the-go!  Listen to any episode of the show any time! No more waiting for iTunes to download and sync, just queue it up and plug in your headphones or dock it in your car or home stereo!
I'm surprised it's taken the hip-hop community so long to get a serious music app like this together. There really aren't any serious contenders unless you can find and tune in to a dedicated hip-hop radio station app.  The app is very simple to you use and looks quite menacing and brilliant on the slick looking iPhone. If you are a fan of the genre you are going to have to have a look at it and there are big plans to take the app even further. This free app was developed and is overseen by true hip-hop fans - and it shows.

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