Developer description

hook is a new dating app that combines the best features of mobile dating with some new cool innovations to create a safe and fun relationship seeking experience. Most people shy away from mobile dating because of the fear of putting themselves "out there" for everyone to see and judge.
Another common complaint is safety. How can you be sure these strangers are who they say they are? What are their motives? The creepy encounters and dangerous situations recounted by users of these apps has driven us to create something better and safer. Like most everything else in life, finding love or hooking up is all about who you know. Think about it. Most relationships spark from the help or the acquaintance of someone you know. If you are on Facebook you can be on hook.
The cool thing about hook is that we pay users virtual currency called “Coins” for making dating recommendations for their friends. So people don’t know if you are on hook just to be a matchmaker or if you are using the app to find relationships for yourself. This unique setup solves the “putting yourself out there” issue as nobody really knows why you are using the app. There is no downside to giving the app a try.
Download the app and make some recommendations for your friends and get paid. Then search your friends and friends of friends and “hook” those you have interest in. If one of these friends also hooks you, a match is made. If not the other person never knows your intentions. See if that girl or guy from High School you were always into but too afraid to approach thinks the same about you.
When you risk nothing, you have nothing to lose. hook also creates a safer environment because Facebook friends are people you and your social circle are familiar with. If you are interested in someone and are unfamiliar with them, just look at your mutual friends and start a chat to get the lowdown. Get the gossip and don’t waste your valuable time.
Once a connection or “hook” is made, the app has a feature called Next Steps which allows couples to uncover what each person wants to do next. Each person can click on activities such as “Go for Drinks”, “Go to Dinner”, ”Have Sex” or “Have a Threesome”. If both people choose the same Next Step, they are notified. If not, neither person ever knows what the other had in mind.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015