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Published 1 Aug 2017

The art of astrology has long been vilified by both Christians and the sceptics of this world as misleading (and satanic in some instances) but it hasn't stopped a large portion of the world's population checking their horoscope every morning online or in the daily newspaper. The concept of linking the planets to the 12 zodiac signs was originally devised in the Middle East and classical Greece somewhere between the 5th and 1st centuries BC - so it has a lot of history. Despite the skepticism, figures suggest that over 90% of people know their star sign and over half of them believe there is something in it.

While it's easy to pick up the local paper to check what the planets have in store for us on any given day' some astrologers are better and more experienced at it than others. British astrologer Patrick Arundell has been a professional astrologer for over 20 years and contributes to leading UK daily newspaper The Metro as well as many other publications all over the world. What's more, Patrick is the Press Association's leading astronomer and supplies digital content to many leading platforms worldwide. His weekly, monthly and yearly 'My Horoscope Videos' on YouTube have been viewed by over 16 million viewers over the years.

Now he has released the ultimate astrology app - Horoscope Ace - onto the world for iOS, Android and Facebook and it's completely free. The app covers all of Patrick's astrological work including...