Developer description

Hot Spotter is made for Wildland Firefighters and their loved ones by a Wildland Firefighter best tool to find the Hot Spot incidents.

To get started you grab your hardhat at the Hot Spotter main screen by clicking on the hardhat at the initial screen and your on your way to the most up to date, publicly available, Wildland Firefighting information most pertinent for Emergency Response.

The live lightning map wallpaper is refreshed each time you visit this main screen.

The bottom bar is the location of the navigational controls. The six choices are the primary information sources for current Wildfire incidents with the most up to date publicly available information throughout the entire fire season.

The fire map is a multilayered map with a bit of a learning curve but once it is properly configured it will deliver a majority of the rapid information a Wildland Firefighter needs about any live incident in a geographical display.

The traditional hub of most current Wildfire information is the next tab over labeled Inciweb. The Inciweb page has most of the necessary up to date information on all federal incidents.

Every Firefighter knows the Sit Report and it will be immediately displayed when this option is chosen .

Geomac is a portal to another multilayered map with many options to display the most current known perimeters of active Wildfire incidents. Other layers available, which can be viewed concurrently, are the footprints of prior year incidents stretching back to 2002. Many other layers available as well as you learn the interface of Hot spotter.

The Weather option is a touch based geographical presentation with many options to enable to show the scope of weather forecasts, warnings, fire weather outlooks, and if you dig deeper it allows viewing of full public weather broadcasts as well as specific fire weather forecasts. An indispensable quick weather information gathering tool.

The Copilot area is a google alerts and traffic indicator enabled map to get you and your crew from point A to B in the most efficient and road hazard free manner. This module was specifically included in Hot Spotter because of the strenuous travel hazards and conditions encountered by Engine bosses who spend long fire seasons travelling a multitude of states, highways, freeways, and city streets.

Hot Spotter is in continual development and I would appreciate positive reviews and also feedback on what improvements can be made to ensure the advancement of this application as a firefighting information tool. Responsiveness to modifications during the firefighting months could possibly be very spotty depending on my firefighting schedule.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015