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Published 21 Jul 2014

[cont'd] pay elsewhere. HotJar features everything from click and scroll heatmaps to complete visitor session playback as well as offering feedback polls, responsive surveys, funnel and form analysis and proactive chat to discover what your viewers really want and enjoy on your website. Heatmaps are there to give you a better understanding of what your users want, show interest in and actually do when they visit your site. These offer the strongest indicators of visitor desire and motivation. HotJar delivers a complete visual map of all your visitors' clicks and taps and other mouse behavior. You can use the feedback and exit polls to improve the performance and experience of your visitors and even target specific visitors with unlimited questions anywhere they turn up on your web and mobile site. It’s easy to create your own responsive surveys and collect answers in real-time from any of your devices. Online surveys can be distributed via web links, emails or you can even be really clever and invite your visitors to respond just before they abandon your site so you can find out if there was a reason for them leaving. Your analysis can be very specific and you can find out where you need to improve by identifying specific pages or the steps that gave visitors the most problems. You'll improve your online form completion rate, as well, as you discover which fields take too long to fill, which are left blank and why your visitors suddenly abandon forms...