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Published 21 Jul 2014

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HotJar Insights gives you all the website analysis that you will need and hopefully, give you a better understanding of the needs of your visitors. It eliminates the guesswork as to why your website isn't as successful as you'd hoped it would be and helps you iron out all those things that people turn away from and aren't interested in. HotJar would be a great help to UX and UI designers, web developers, product managers and analysts as well as marketers, agencies and consultants who want to understand the wants of their customers a little bit better. Analysis is one of the boom industries right now and HotJar is a very powerful weapon that reveals accurate website user behavior and the visiting experiences of viewers in one central tool. It gives you the big picture of what’s going on with your website as well as giving you a better idea of how to improve your site's UX and conversion rates.