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Too many teenagers are now passing their driving tests and driving on the road without any ... More

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Published 10 Sep 2012

If you were a car owner in Cuba you probably won't need this car education application for iOS. So few new cars make their way onto the market in this part of the world that Cubans learn from a very young age how to maintain their cars and keep them on the road. But for the young (and not so young) driver here there isn't that luxury. If something goes wrong with your car the first thing we do is to call our mechanic. But there are a whole bunch of simple things that you could fix yourself if your a little bit of knowledge. How Cars Work is a new car maintenance and education app gives you a basic understanding of how your car works with instructions of how to fix the simple things, if nothing else. This can save time in the shop and, more importantly, save you hefty repair costs.
Too many teenagers are now passing their driving tests and driving on the road without any knowledge of how their car works. This lack of basic knowledge and understanding not only interferes with the process of learning to drive but also results in avoidable maintenance and repair costs. How Cars Work for iPhone helps you keep your car in top shape while at the same time saving you money. How Cars Work provides basic maintenance guides to get you through some of those simple things that may go wrong with your car. For a start we are talking tyre changing and checking your oil and spark plugs etc. Learning to regularly checking the fluids in your vehicle and knowing how to change a tyre can save drivers hundreds of dollars in garage fees not to mention time off the road.  It’s also nice not to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre. How Cars Work was developed by engineering students from the Universities of Leeds & Manchester and has been used by driving instructors to highlight key car mechanisms to new drivers. The app covers all the most important systems of the car including the engine, transmission, braking and steering systems and is regularly updated with new content and bug fixes.
All hail to the engineering students of Leeds and Manchester for putting together this brilliant app for iOS that teaches users how cars work. It is aimed at the inexperienced new driver and makes it possible to pull over onto the side of the road, flip out your iPhone and get a walk through of how to change your tyre or oil or to check other possible answers to your problem. The alternative for most of us is a call to road service or your mechanic but quite often you can fix it on the spot saving time waiting for them to turn up and will save you a packet of cash at the end of the month when the bills arrive. How Cars Work is a great idea that is aimed at people of any level of experience and fills a serious gap in the market very well.

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