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In Microsoft Office Suite programs, macros are created to simplify the work load. Macros are basically a small set of commands that helps to automate a particular task in applications like Excel, Word, Access etc. In correct words, macros are a programming but it is also a fact that for creating macros, one does not need to have intellect like a programmer. In MS Office applications, macros are written in Visual Basic for Applications/VBA language that aid users to automatically create a specific document (like a document that contains name of all employees along with their address), create add-ins etc.

Let us consider a Practical Scenario to Understand the Importance of Macros: Say you have to reformat 60 tables from Excel spreadsheet. No matter how experienced user you are, a minimum of 5 minutes will be utilized to change formatting of a table. If with the VBA language macros to format the table are created, the task of hours can be executed in minutes.

Password Protecting VBA Source Code Helps To Save Your Intellect!

Now, when you created macros via VBA in Excel or any of the Office application, then the reliable idea is to protect the source code of VBA project so that no can edit/access it without your permission. Therefore password security on VBA projects help to save them from unauthorized usage. In the succeeding section, we will discuss the situations that call for answer for the query as how to remove MS Office VBA password.

Say you worked on a project a year ago and created macros to ease up various tasks in Word and Excel. You protected the source code of VBA with passwords so that no one can make changes in it. Now, for a new project, you again require the macros that you created with VBA but unfortunately, you are unable to recall the security code. Under such circumstances, how to remove MS Office VBA password is the first query that strikes your mind.

Tool That Helps To Remove VBA Source Code Security Code: To open the VBA project whose source code is protected with password, you can bank upon VBA Password Remover software. With this brilliant solution, users can remove VBA password from PowerPoint PPT, Excel spreadsheet, Access file etc. Freeware of the solution is available for test that helps to get an answer as how to remove MS Office VBA password effectively. Read more:-

Last updated 6 Aug 2015