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Add-ins is subsidiary computer programs that increase the scope of capabilities in an application by appending the custom commands and specific lineaments. Creating add-ins for Microsoft will help to enhance the functionality of application by various means. The add-in PowerPoint has PPA extension. While for editions 2000/2002, add-ins has the extension DLL/EXE, Wizard add-ins has PWZ extension. Although the extensions are different, all these extensions are identical to PPA file in structure. There are two types of PowerPoint add-ins, one that are complied, available with PPA/PWZ/COM extensions and another that can be created with Visual Basic for Applications/VBA language. To protect intellectual capital (developed add-ins) from others so that no one can access the source code without permissions, password protection is applied to VBA projects. But sometimes the security code on VBA files proves to be a hurdle and how to remove VBA password?

Situations That Call For VBA Password Removal Solution

1:- Suppose you created an add-in for PowerPoint and protected it with password in hurry. Next day when you opened it to work with it, you were unable to remember the password you applied to secure the source code. To remove the password, an efficient commercial solution is needed.
2:- Say, you created add-ins for PowerPoint a year ago. Now, for creating another PowerPoint project, you need those add-ins but unfortunately you are unable to access them as you protected the VBA project with password and now unable to access the source code. Under such situation, how to remove VBA password is the query that needs an answer.
3:- Suppose, you partner in a project created add-ins, macros for PowerPoint and Excel so that it can be used to enhance the quality of work. Now, due to some reasons he is out of reach and you need the VBA projects source code so that you can continue to work with them for betterment of projects. VBA password removal program is the only solution that could help you to work around the problem.

Tool For VBA Source Code Security Removal: Your online search for answer to the query as how to remove VBA password will bring you in front of various solutions. VBA Password Remover software is a prominent solution that can be acquired online to crack VBA project security code from MS Office suite applications. The software can be downloaded free of cost for evaluation purpose prior investment.
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Last updated 25 Apr 2013