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Published 14 Nov 2011

Itis probably not a great idea to self diagnose oneself over the Internet. Your health is the most important thing and it is vital to speak to your practitioner or personal trainer first. However, let's be practical here. There are a number of simple questions about your fitness, nutrition and weight that could quite easily be answered by people in the know. You could Google your question and get lots of different answers or you could head for a reliable place like HowLean. This health and fitness app let's you ask simple questions about your fitness and get solid and dependable advice back.
HowLean is a fun and attractive looking fitness, nutrition and weightloss app that lets you ask questions about all things concerned with your health and wellbeing. Whether you want to know if there is a healthier low calorie version of Doritos or if there is a difference between the Mediterranean Diet and the South Beach Diet you can ask it here and get it answered. Alternatively, you can search the questions here to find a question that is relevant to your needs. Just click on one of the sub categories like body weight, carbohydrates or nutrition to see the questions others have asked and the answers that have been given in response. If you think you have the answers for other people's problems you can click on the unanswered questions tag to give someone the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

It can be expensive to get information from the experts of their fields. A 'quick' trip to the doctor can set you back a fair wad of money. If your question is more for interest sake than a life threatening one it is perfectly acceptable to use this fun free health app to get a general overview before deciding whether to take it further. Just as long as you don't take it too seriously...

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