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HR Partner is an easy-to-use HR management tool for time off, sick, and vacation requests and ... More

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Published 13 Apr 2017

It’s a strange thing but the very last piece of the puzzle that business seems willing to computerise is the personal records of staff members. I'm not totally sure whether it's simply a privacy thing or something else, but while much of the rest of a company's activities are computerized, you'll often find that spreadsheets and paper still hold many of the personal details of staff members. This includes vacation planning, sick leave and salary as well as employees' names, addresses and contact details. While there used to be an argument for not keeping personal details of individuals online, high level security encryption has changed everything for the better these days.

HR Partner is an easy-to-use, cloud-based HR management tool that details staff time off, sick leave and vacation requests as well as complete employee personnel records. And, to ease any security worries, the app features military-grade security encryption to ensure that all sides have complete confidence that personal details won't be compromised. HRPartners covers all bases by being both company and employee friendly with both sides able to log in using any device that they have available at anytime and from anywhere in the world. What's more, employees are automatically sent email reminders of any important due dates that may be coming up.

This excellent app helps you accurately manage your core HR in the cloud without having to resort to age-old paper files and spreadsheets. This frees up your time to concentrate on doing the things that caused you to get into the business in the first place - improving your company's bottom line and keeping a happy staff. This app keeps all of your important employees' personal information in one place with easy access from your PC, smartphone or tablet at anytime you like.

Employees can submit their own leave requests by logging on and requesting specific dates online. Management then approves or denies the request and the app keeps an accurate track of proceedings along with details of any sick days and vacation dates. This avoids any misunderstandings due to human error. To cap it off, the app generates beautiful HR reports in seconds with just a click. Finally, if there are other managers who need to access the information you can invite them and still have complete control over what they can and can't see.

Business needs more paperwork like it needs a hole in the head. However, it also needs quick access to employee records every day for planning and payment purposes. The bigger your company gets, the more it can turn into an administration nightmare. HRPartner streamlines your organisation by giving instant access to all the information needed whether it be names, job titles, departments, salaries, starting dates, birthdays and addresses or vacation, leave or sick days. In fact, pretty much everything you need. The app is 100% online and in the cloud and uses military grade security encryption for total security. There are regular backups to the system and support is offered in multiple time zones. Whether you are migrating from a different software or are looking to update to a cloud HR solution for the first time, HRPartners is well worth your consideration.

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