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The first real sound social network, Hubbub allows you to record, share and listen to voice ... More

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Published 8 May 2012

The way we access our social networks has changed very subtly over the last year and that's partly down to the legacy of Steve Jobs. With the onslaught of mobiles and tablets being gobbled up by our avid populace rather than the more sedentary home computer there is now more of a tendency to access networks whilst on the move. It is not always convenient to access your networks while jogging or commuting to work or when driving, if it comes to that. Hubbub is a new kind of social network that relies on sound. It allows you to record, share and listen to voice messages and vocal streams giving you a hands free way of tapping into messages, updates and news.
Hubbub is the first real sound social network.  It allows you to record, share and listen to voice messages in a new and unique way. Imagine if you could have the short texts in your Twitter feed turned into 30-second sound clips and combined into a smooth uninterrupted stream  which you could listen to in the same way as you listen to online radio. The difference here though is that the 'radio' is tuned to your preferences so you can follow what your friends are talking about, get updates from your favourite celebrities and stay current with the news. Hubbub extends social networking opportunities for situations when typing and reading is simply inconvenient. You could catch up with your feeds whilst jogging, driving, on the...