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With HUDWAY you can easily turn your iOS device into a Heads-Up Display that will show up on ... More

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Published 26 Jan 2014

According to the latest World Health Organization figures, there are about 350,000 people who die EVERY DAY from injuries sustained while driving in low visibility weather conditions. Whether it be rain, fog, heavy snow or just simply the darkness of night, any conditions that impair your normal viewing ability can be downright dangerous. However, where the trouble really lies is when you are in an unusual location and you have to refer to a map to see where you are going. It's hard enough in good conditions but, when you throw in poor visibility, it could well prove deadly. Hudway is a free GPS smartphone application that you can keep on your dashboard and puts your map on your car's windshield - letting you concentrate on the road and keeping your hands on the wheel and your mind on driving rather than having to keep reaching for your mobile when you aren't sure where the next town is.
HUDWAY easily turns your iOS device (with Android coming soon) into an easy-to-read, heads-up display that will show up on your windshield in low-visibility situations, including snow, rain and even darkness. Users can enjoy this incredibly simple but effective travel application on their device by installing and programming their desired road route. When the mobile is set down  - face up - on the car dashboard the device displays all the GPS information on the windshield for easy viewing though you might need a bit of Velcro or a silicone...