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Navigate your way with simple GPS on your windshield

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Published 26 Jan 2014

[cont'd] mat to stop it from sliding off. Hudway allows you to focus on the road and keep your hands on the wheel instead of having to look down at your phone or navigation device every few minutes. They are displayed right in front of you on your windshield for easy viewing. The app also provides users with useful info like their current speed and the distance until they get to the next sharp curve. It even let's you know where it’s better to slow down. All the dangerous turns are display prominently in red and prior marks on the road will help to visually measure the distance to the turn.
I like the way they call this car application 'augmented reality on the windshield' because that's really all it is. Hudway is an incredibly simple concept that can increase a driver's safety in low visibility conditions by putting your important information unobtrusively on the windshield rather than your having to scratch around the car trying to find the mobile to check directions. Youll need an internet connection to set up your journey but, after that, you can use it offline. Now drivers don't have to interpret audio commands or complicated maps and symbols or get distracted by their mobile while in motion. Hudway requires no additional equipment nor any special film on your windshield - it just works. Check out the video here