Developer description

HumanRank is an automated evaluation tool that will revolutionize corporate recruiting. Professionals simply link to their Facebook or Linkedin profile, or they can upload their custom resumé to allow HumanRank to rank them amongst their peers.
The key feature is TalentRankingSystem, which analyzes educational, professional, and career-specific performance criteria and outputs TalentIndex. TalentIndex is an objective metric that integrates international rankings of professional and academic institutions with an individual’s performance and ranking within those institutions. TalentRankingSystem integrates career-specific, professional achievement to objectively calculate TalentIndex, and the system ranks professionals in different organizations and communities. TalentIndex is a multi-sided evaluation metric that can be used to help professionals improve their talents, and employers and recruiters can quickly and easily identify qualified candidates to fulfill essential company roles.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015