Developer description

“Hungry Bird” is the best funny role playing arcade type game which is released for games lover at very beginning of April-2014. It is totally free and hot arcade games for astonishing game player. It is funny, amusing and interesting phenomenon for game worm. If anybody feels bored to pass free time, just put your finger on your Smartphone screen and start to play this funny game.

“Hungry Bird” is an interesting & addictive arcade game for iPhone and Android environment. In this game you are playing as a role character of angry bird. The prime concern is to control the hungry hero to eat fruits and safe from obstacles. In this role playing game, at the very beginning there have an opportunity to select any of three given birds.
To control the bird, all you have to do is to tap anywhere on the screen to fly upward, and release your finger to fly downward.
There are different types of obstacles here and there. You have to avoid friction by decreasing your speed. Also there are different types of insects or snake etc in the jungle; they can harm/kill you. You have to be in a safe distance from them and reach your goal and find some food for your bird.
When you are able to avoid all obstacles by eating given fruits successfully in a perspective level, you will go to the next level. This amazing arcade game is freely available in iOS and android environment.

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Last updated 7 Apr 2014