Developer description

Can a rabbit be so hungry that it goes after cabbages and carrots, regardless of the life-threatening obstacles in his way? Hungry Rabbit is! So the goal of this arcade/puzzle game is to guide him safely to delicious food (most importantly, carrots), making him jump over the obstacles, evade traps, solve puzzles and, ultimately, find his way home. Oh, and there are villains of course—the sneaky rats who want to have all the carrots for themselves!
The game is playable in two ways: by trying to play by the rules and get the rabbit safely home, or by fulfilling the suicidal rabbit's death wish. Our friends have played it both ways, and on both cases, each set of levels provided new ideas and new ways of entertainment by introducing new hazards and new level of puzzles. About developers: On our day job, we are an independent Latvian company Oxygene, providing out-of-the-box online advertising solutions.
On our free time, we dream of the moment when we can prove that even a small indie company can create an app that is unique, fun and internationally recognized. We hope that you will enjoy reviewing the game! Learn more about it on our website  

Last updated 6 Mar 2012