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HungryFlix is the home for indie films on the iPod, iPhone, PSP and Apple TV. If you are a ... More

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Published 11 Nov 2011

While HungryFlix looks like a fairly low key movie and video shopping tool for your mobile it delivers far more. Quite often the more subtle apps are the one's that really deliver the goods. HungryFlix is the bridge that helps independent filmmakers get their works of art distributed into iPod, iPhone and AppleTV.
HungryFlix is the home for indie films on the iPod, iPhone, PSP and Apple TV. If you are a filmmaker or content producer here is your chance to sell your content as an iPod movie. HungryFlix is the leader in helping indie filmmakers distribute content as iPod movie downloads. They provide movie downloads for iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV and more. They offer premium independent content to download from all genres--feature films, short films, music videos, how-to video, sports and more for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP and more. They also feature iPod movies, iPhone movies, PSP movies and now Apple TV movies. Alternatively, if you are you a filmmaker or video producer and have made a cool video or movie and want to sell it online HungryFilx can help.

HungryFlix' goal is to become the ideal distribution mechanism for content providers and consumers on the Internet and to distribute independent content all around the world. There's two things going on here really. firstly HungryFlix provides an outlet for the undoubted talented bunch of artists and filmmakers out there and, as we all know, they need all the help they can get. With the dirth of talent in Hollywood at the moment it's important that new filmmakers are exposed and given all the help they can. Secondly, there are some seriously entertaining pieces of work in here. A free site that's worth it's weight in gold

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