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Published 12 Aug 2021

[cont'd] and informed all the way through their pregnancy - offering support, guidance and useful advice all the way. The audio meditations and accompanying imagery encourage relaxation and allow you to understand your body, visualize the pregnancy cycle and appreciate womanhood. It allows you to trust in the natural flow of childbirth, which of course, has been going on since time immemorial and shows you how to relieve stress, remain calm and in control and have a relaxed birth.

The aim of Hypnobirthing is to make birthing easier by making available the best and most up-to-date information and accompanying that with meditations and a whole bunch of other techniques to keep you calm and in control which, in itself, helps alleviate stress. The hypnosis methods on offer here - involving a combination of meditation, vizualisation, breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques - help shorten the first stages of labor and teaches you how to manage pain naturally. The consequences of a happy and relaxed birth can lead to a much better postpartum experience along with the psychological changes accompanying it.

A woman's body will go through a lot of changes during life, never more so than when it is the first pregnancy. There is no true manual for childbirth but Hypnobirthing: HappyPregnant.mom is a pretty good place to start. If you begin these meditations early on in your pregnancy you'll find the rhythm of your body and its connection to your mind will become a natural progression. Your anxieties...