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Developer description

Welcome to the ultimate music discovery app!

When you stumble on a new band it’s usually because some friend told you about them, or because you read their name on a magazine/blog (e.g. Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, etc). Even when the discovery it’s due to an algorithm (like YouTube related videos or Spotify recommendations) it means that other people with the same tastes of yours listened to that track before you did.
What if you want to listen to some music that nobody has ever listened before?

"I LISTEN TO SONGS THAT DON'T EVEN EXIST YET" is the right app. It creates playlists containing songs which were listened by the lowest amount of people. If you are like enough, you will be the first one ever to listen to the resulting tracks!

In order to use the app it’s sufficient to browse through the available music genres and select one, then an audio player will appear on the page, showing the tracks found by the algorithm. The music player contains all the details related to the current track, including the number of people that listened to it before.

The interface is extremely simple, since the whole application is contained in only one page. The interaction is also immediate: only one click is enough to choose the genre and listen to the music. No registration/log in needed, no typing/search necessary.

The website is completely responsive, it is built upon Bootstrap framework, it features a HTML5 audio player and is powered by SoundCloud.

Last updated 12 Apr 2014