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For Web entrepreneurs - Blogging,SEO,Digital Marketing,Content Marketing,Adsense & more.
What is ” I’M Kind a Big Deal”?
“I’m Kind a Big Deal ” is an app dedicated to all those tech entrepreneurs who are Dreamers and Doers and have a Millionaire Mindset and tries all possible ways to acheive what others fear to do .
What we do?
“I’M Kind a Big Deal” provides easy and amazing ways that can help you to promote your brand on digital market.Through simple easy-to-do tactics and techniques. Apart From that we Write about Blogging,SEO and How-to Guides.
” I’m Kind a Big Deal” is a registered trademark of POPO Inc. founded by two cousin brothers Manik Sharma and Pankaj Sharma both having 5 year experience in SEO,Digital Marketing,Adsense,Website development and Content marketing.

Last updated 28 Apr 2015