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An RPG puzzler that's a worthy contender in social gaming

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Fight horrible (and hilarious) monsters with our clever take on a match-three combat genre! ... More

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Published 13 Mar 2013

Social gaming has been one of the great phenomenonas of the last few years with the runaway leader - Angry Birds - pulling in about a quarter of a billion users over December alone. Not only are they an entertaining distraction for users but they can also be big business for developers. Indeed, leading Facebook developer, Zynga, has turnover that regularly dwarfs  top rated games developers like EA Games. With an Android application platform, game developers have an unprecedented opportunity to tap into existing social connections for both compelling gameplay and viral promotions for their titles. I Need A Hero is a very addictive, funny and colorful new RPG puzzle game where you battle hilarious monsters in a new take on the familiar 'match-three' combat genre.
Are you ready for the Quest of the Lifetime? In this exciting adventure, brought to you by Mad Hat Games, you will face terrible monsters and save beautiful princess! I Need A Hero is a colorful new Android role playing game that offers a unique and clever take on the 'match-three' combat genre. Users can complete puzzles while watching as the story and the role-playing unfolds and become known throughout the land with the help of powerful spells. Each level requires users to match three or more monster-heads of the same color to remove them from the screen.  Find items on each challenge and turn them into gold or gems to buy stuff. To help you succeed you can summon natural disasters like floods...