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Helps getting even!

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I.O.U is an email ticketservice that helps you to get even. If you owe your partner, family, ... More

Editor's review

Published 15 Sep 2011

There’s not a lot any reviewer can say about this app although the label stating “get even” does make it sound rather sinister especially given that the YOM stands for you owe me!

Patently a fun application this more than simple email based reminder service is NOT an electronic baseball bat aimed at serious debt collection. Or is it?

If anyone actually does want to use the service rather than just use their own email or Facebook account then you enter the website and click on ‘create a new you owe me ticket’. This takes you to a page where you simply add your name and email address along with the same details for the person who owes you. Add what the debt is (money, beer, or even a kiss) and hit send. You’ll get a confirmation email which you’ll have to access and confirm that you want the ‘ticket’ to go.

I tried it out and sent a monetary ticket to another one of my email addresses. I wait with interest to see if either I get an email from a debt collection agency offering assistance or if my alter ego gets one offering debt advice. This may sound cynical but let’s face it; ambulance chasers are getting very clever these days.

It may well just be a bit of fun and if so I really can’t see the attraction over the well known social networks. If it turns out to be anything shadier I’ll keep you posted.

The jury’s out on this one but you never know, things might develop!

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