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Published 30 May 2013

If I said the words clipart to you the chances are you going to flip the page and have a look t something else. Clip art apps and sites are 'two-a-penny' aren't they? Just Google one and you will find pretty well what you are looking for straight away. Some will be free and some will require a royalty fee to be paid. Most people aren't keen on the idea of paying for clipart so there is a lot of potential for an app like this one. i2Clipart is an online sharing network that lets users create, share and download royalty-free public domain vector clipart images. It is perfect for everyone from graphic designers to students who want access to thousands of images for their artwork.
i2Clipart is a comprehensive network that allows users to find great clipart images, for personal or professional use,  that can be downloaded for free. It is a great image source for business and academic presentations, school projects, flyers and graphic design etc. This very user-friendly app lets users download cliparts as vector images like SVG or high quality raster images like PNG at many dofferent predefined sizes. Everything from 64px right the way up to 512px. You can search for cliparts by various keywords or by a specific color to match your background. The beauty of this app is that you can edit and modify your existing clipart or create a brand new one without ever having to leave the website. This is done by using a very sleek online SVG drawing editor and you can convert your SVG files to PDF, EPS, PS, and custom size PNG / JPG raster images without losing any image detail Finally, you can create a favorites list of cliparts for future use. i2Clipart comes with a clean user interface and a responsive design that can fit any of your display sizes  whether it be mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. All clipart images on i2Clipart.com are public domain images. This means that you can copy and modify them without asking permission and users uploading cliparts have to certify that they are in public domain.
As i said earlier, it's easy enough to find clipart on the net, but it's not quite as easy to find such a large volume of images in one place - and all completely free to use. It makes sense for the graphic designer and the student to have an app like i2Clipart on hand at all times. Cliparts are great for completing your design and making it stand out from the rest. Just type in the search engine what you wish to find - whether it be goat, flag or strawberries - and this easy to use app will deliver a plethora of alternatives in a heartbeat. While there are plenty of alternatives out there, i2Clipart is a reliable free source that is well worth investigating.

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