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Who said that there wasnt any such thing as a baby manual?

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iBaby's My Baby Pregnancy Due Tracker Web App is specially designed for pregnant moms to Keep ... More

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Published 16 Aug 2014

There's an old adage that says something along the lines of 'babies don't come with a users manual' but here's an app that goes some way to defying that. iBaby is a new free baby health monitoring application that helps parents keep track of their baby's progress from conception to birth (and beyond.) Starting when you configure and enter your due date, this customizable application will keep you constantly updated as to where things stand and how long it will be until your baby is born. It also delivers week-by-week baby development information and a progress development bar so you can see exactly where you are in the gestation period.
The iBaby's My Baby Pregnancy Due Tracker Web App has been especially designed for pregnant moms and their partners so that they can easily keep track of their baby's due date. But added to that, once your due date has been worked out and established, the app keeps parents informed of their baby's progress with a whole heap of baby development information that is provided every week. Babies are born on nature's timetable, but you can make a good estimate of your due date based on the last menstrual period or from measurements made during an ultrasound. Either enter your due date - if you already know it - or enter the first day of your last menstrual period below. iBaby works by using the current gestational age -which is the same as doctors use - and gives parents an accurate reading via the 'elapsed week/days' tool to countdown their current pregnancy. Information includes a brief summary of happenings with the baby at the current gestational age as well as information about the average length and weight of the baby.
iBaby My Pregnancy Due Tracker is the latest in a series of creations from this developer that cover many aspects of baby-related information. This one is a very user and simple to use application that basically gives you a countdown to your baby's birth and includes plenty of information as the weeks roll on. It features a blue or pink theme -depending on the sex of your baby - and delivers the number of days, minutes and seconds(?) left to go until baby delivery day. However, the feature that will probably give the biggest pleasure for mothers will be the progress bar that will show you how far the pregnancy has progressed - week by week - and how long there is to go.

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