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iBee is a viral marketing tool for iOS apps. It creates buzz about apps and buzzers get rewarded ... More

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Published 7 Mar 2013

Ten years ago the word viral suggested something bad when it came to computer use. The nature of the word led thoughts towards viruses that would harm your computer or spam that would fill up your email in box with adverts for fake Rolexes and Viagra but why those two went together, I will never know. These days viral marketing is a legitimate and intelligent may of getting your message across that works on the 'suggest' theory rather than it being thrust down your throat. Nowadays, in fact, the tables are turned and the smartphone user can actually make money out of promoting products. IBee is a new marketing application for iOS where users make money by simply downloading free games and advertising them via screenshots on the app. IBee shares your buzz to social networks and, when someone installs the app from your recommendation, you get paid.
iBee is a buzz marketing tool for mobile app developers as well as being a money-making app for end-users. The idea is to spread the buzz about new mobile games to social networks and, when games are downloaded from the buzz link, iBee pays cash referral rewards to the reviewer. This viral marketing tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch creates a buzz about apps with the 'buzzers' being rewarded in cash without having to outlay any money. Just go to the iBee website on your Safari browser and download free apps to your iDevice and share screenshots of the apps on the site. iBee spreads your buzz to social media sites and keeps track of them for you. When somebody installs the app from your buzz link, you'll get instantly rewarded with cash via your PayPal account. Referral rewards amount ranges from $0.35 to $1.40 per download and the developer claims that if you make a  buzz every day you can make up to $1,000 for your PayPal account each month. App developers have come to realize that the best and most cost effective way of spreading the word about their product is by word of mouth.  iBee is an open market that connects apps to 'buzzers' or 'bees.' With referral rewards, iBee turns your app users to enthusiastic app distributors at a minimum cost. Your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bidding begins from $0.1 and it feeds your hungry bees until your social seeding is complete. Seeding is a term in buzz marketing that refers to acquisition of initial viral agents. It's the most crucial step to make organic viral domino effect kick in and distribute your app at an exponential growth rate.
Ten years ago a business like iBee would be regarded as suspicious in wanting to  virally spread the word about a product but the whole concept of marketing and promotion has changed dramatically after the smartphone revolution of a few years back. Rather than being a bad thing, virally advertising products is now a truly legitimate way of getting your message across and is accepted by the populace much more. You just have to look at the amount of advertising in Facebook these days to realize that. IBee is an easy to use app than monetizes your iDevice. Considering the price of an iPhone or iPad these days  it's probably a really good idea to offset the cost with a little bit of advertising.

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