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Do your worry that your pharmacist gave you the wrong pill? Are you concerned if you find a ... More

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Published 19 Jun 2013

It's said that over 770,000 people suffer injuries - which include incorrect medication or wrong dosage -  due to medical error each year and over 10% of patients that make a hospital visit will encounter some kind of complication from a human error. That is an astounding statistic. Pills are of particular concern because they are often generic and only feature a company logo on them as identification. ID My Pill is a new medical application for iOS that allows you to identify any of the pills you are prescribed or have hanging around the house just be taking a picture of it with you iPhone camera.
If you are worried that your pharmacist has given you the wrong pills or concerned when you find a mysterious pill in your child's bedroom ID My Pill is an application to set your mind at rest. Maybe you have an overwhelming number of medications in the bathroom cabinet and just can't work out what they were prescribed for then there is now an app to identify them before you take them. Identifying your prescription pills could not be easier. This very useful (and possibly life saving) app lets you simply snap a photo of any prescription drug using your built in iPhone camera. ! Place the pill you want to identify on the printable recognition card and snap a photo of the card using the ID My Pill iPhone app. The app identifies your prescription pills automatically and immediately, giving you peace of mind and keeping you safe. The app was developed by the author of several books on the misuse of prescription drugs and pill identification - Adrian Rosebrook BS.
It's a simple fact that sometimes pharmacists make mistakes. They often hand out thousands of prescriptions every month and, the chances are, one of them could be wrong ... and it could be yours. For the pharmacist, it could be a clerical error but for the pill taker it could lead to anything from more medical bills to death - a sobering thought. This very clever and easy to use app not only automatically identifies your stray pills but also delivers lots of information on the drug too including the name of the pill, it's manufacturer and whether there is the potential for abuse and addiction. You can simply compare the drug name to the bottle it came in to ensure they match. Some have hailed ID My Pill as the medical app of the year. This app is great for physicians, patients and emergency responders to reduce the number of medical errors and ensure the pills to be taken are the correct ones.

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