Developer description

Connecting entrepreneur, inspired hackers, hustlers, designers, and early-adopters today to build profound teams and MVP tomorrow.
This is how it works:

Discuss the idea

There will be numerous ideas on your head but its worthless until you get them out to see what they can do. Did you validated your idea?, Are you sure that you are not reinventing it? or your idea is still on the papers? "Life is short. Build stuff that matters." Let's discuss and make something worthy.

Get connected with Hackers and designers

Having a great idea is not enough unless you have a strong team to build it. So our platform will help you to get connected with amazing hackers and designers from around the world and give you an opportunity to choose the best people for your dream product.

Roll out the MVP

We believe in, "fail fast, fail better". In the world of agile development, any sort of delay can't be tolerated. We will help you creating MVP in the fastest way possible. This is to see if users are as much interested in the idea (at this stage, now product) as we all are. Just FYI, some people also call it "market validation"

Assistance for early adopters

Once MVP is out, our team will make sure to get the word out. Generally speaking, we'll get people psyched about. We are propagandists and have generated lot of interest in the startup community with our wacky ideas. You are safe with us, don't worry.

Finally, get on Angellist

What's next? Well. Roll in the dough, my friend. Once your product have enough users, we will also assist you to get on the Angellist so you can stop worrying about the money and focus on your product.

Last updated 25 Jul 2014