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Developer description

Non-Evernote users can use the full featured app! Connect your notes to Evernote anytime you like.

Finally, your notes can now be linked to the real world and storing your thoughts on your iPhone has never been faster!

Experience your notes from where they happen and integrate your Evernote into your real life, the way you live it.

With the context of location, finding past notes has never been easier and proximity-based reminders make forgetting important notes a thing of the past.

Now, you can enhance your notes with street and map view - a great way to add the context of location to all of your notes for sharing and personal use!


• Wave your phone on any screen to create a note
• Share your note by SMS or Email right when you create a note
• Explore & engage with your notes from a beautiful map
• Create notes on-the-go with Foursquare enhanced locations, pictures, notebooks and tags
• Create proximity-based reminders so you never forget a note again
• Share your location enhanced notes with anyone through email (Text messaging soon)
• Create new locations to add notes to in the future
• Add an enhanced location to any notes
• Improved place and note search for easy navigation

We built this app because we love Evernote. Evernote changed the way that we record our lives, whether it be todo's, work notes, thoughts, receipts or photos. Since every thought happens at a given place, we believe context is one of the most valuable things to add to the Evernote experience.

Go into the real world, find your use cases, and make notes work with your lifestyle!

We would love your support!


Last updated 13 Jun 2014