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Published 11 Nov 2011

It’s interesting to ponder on what the motivation was behind building this site. I’m quite cynical so have my opinion but I’ll leave it to readers to form their own.

What’s it all about you may ask, and so did I so let’s consider the functions. First of all it’s free so users aren’t funding it. Secondly it’s very easy to navigate. Good so far eh?

The nuts and bolts of are that as a user you can register and do two things. If you have a stunning idea of how you can improve any product on the market, in any form, then put it up for general discussion. It could be improvements to Facebook (and let’s face it everyone has plenty of those), or the iPad or even if you think you could run Wal-Mart better than the current CEO then you’re free to run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

Your second option as a member is to trawl through the list of ideas and either support or dismiss those that catch your eye. Your actions will give an idea the thumbs up or thumbs down accompanied by the relevant graphic. You can also leave any comments you may have as a positive or negative addition to the debate.

What’s in it for all of these ideas people is a question I know will be on your lips. Well the supported ideas earn IdeaCoins and a chance for the contributor to move up the site’s leader board. And what can these coins be used for? Nothing.

I think if I’d suggested an improvement or addition to the iPhone which was subsequently taken on board making millions for Apple as a result I might be tempted to throw my virtual coins at the computer screen.

I’m unsure about this one as you can probably tell. If you have an idea why not simply approach the company and cut out the middle man? That way you might at least end up with free product.

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