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Published 18 Feb 2016

I seem to come up with my best ideas in the shower, for some reason. I think I solved world peace in there one day. The only trouble is, ideas are a bit like dreams at times. Unless you write them down straight away, they disappear like smoke in the wind. IdeaSwipe takes the whole concept of brainstorming ideas one step further by creating an app that turns your iOS or Android into an ideas receptacle and lets you invite friends, colleagues and other creatives to develop them into reality.

It's said often that this generation is the innovation generation. They will be the ones who will come up with the great ideas that will shape the future of our planet (and other people's planets if NASA has anything to do with it.) In the past there have been plenty of innovators, of course, but it seems that they were often given a pretty hard time getting their ideas to fruition. Think Steve Jobs, for example.

IdeaSwipe is a brilliant way of tapping into and developing those acorns of ideas and turning them into fully fledged oak trees. On the one hand it can be used as a simple and fun ideas container for you and your friends. Just post a challenge and invite your friends to submit their own or build upon an existing one. Everyone can vote for their favorite idea and you get a prioritized list as a result. If you are worried about the security...