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Published 18 Feb 2016

[cont'd] of your idea you can post private challenges and share them only with a carefully selected group of people. Theres also the option of an open challenge by using the full force of a crowd sourcing mechanism.

But IdeaSwipe can also have a place in business. It could take the place of the old 'suggestion box' and update that concept completely. There was a time when everyone in a company was encouraged to show off their creative skills by suggesting new concepts to develop but that idea seems to have gone out the window of late. Now there are creatives and non creatives with everyone having their own job and they aren't really encouraged to cross pollinate.

IdeaSwap has the potential to be a great way to encourage creative collaboration and helping to refine a small idea into something more tangible by using the talented brains around us and utilizing the skills of our friends and colleagues. To encourage 'out of the box' thinking, the app includes tools and  idea triggers for disruptive thinking as well as more obvious tools for idea selection. To pick up on an Idea trigger all you have to do is to shake your smart phone and one will pop up. If that idea triggers something in you then you can get involved and add your own input.

IdeaSwap encourage all kinds of creative types around the world to brainstorm a great idea whether it's for fun in your living room...