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Make sure that your photos don't end up where Weiner's did

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Send fun and silly messages to your friends! Introducing iDelete, an awesome free app designed ... More

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Published 23 Mar 2013

If iDelete had been around a few years ago, former US Congressman Anthony Weiner would probably still be reasonably anonymous...and still have his job. Weiner was caught after sending an explicit picture of himself to a woman in Seattle. The picture went viral and, pretty soon, his career was in tatters. He's not the only person who was been caught with their pants down when sending 'sensitive' pictures to 'friends.' A few months back saw the introduction of an app called Snapchat that went some way to solving the problem by having a time-sensitive self destruct option when sending racy photos. The only trouble with that was that it was easy to take a screenshot to capture the picture. So, IDelete took the concept one step further by creating an app that no only has a self destruct timer but prevents screenshots and leaves no trace.
iDelete is a very convenient and free new messaging app that is designed exclusively to capture and share unique and intimate moments with your friends before  automatically self destructing and deleting your message and  leaving no trace! The app comes with a flexible self-destruct timer that enables the sender to establish exactly how long the message can be viewed before deleting itself from the receiver and the sender as well as the server. The app ensures that all of life’s spontaneous moments can be enjoyed securely with iDelete’s patent pending 'screen shot protection' system which can be turned on and off...