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Published 23 Nov 2011

The way that employment agencies view you as a potential job seeker has changed so much over the last ten years or so. Previously it was all so much simpler. These days there are more background checks on your working life than ever. Identified is a business and employment tool that gives you a better idea of where you stand in the world of business right now. It scores you between 0 and 100 based on where you were educated, work experience and the people you know.

Doesn't sound too radical right now does it? Surely all 'credit ratings' work along those lines. The difference with Identified is the analysis of your working credentials and how you fit into your world. Thousands of companies search for and hire professionals daily on the Identified platform. They analyze those searches and figure out what they have in common (i.e. Are Internet companies looking for Berkeley engineers? Are banks primarily hiring lawyers from Yale University?). Then they analyze each user’s professional background to find out how well that user fits the most popular searches. In particular, they look at what and where you studied in your educational background, where you worked and what you did there and finally the people you know within the system and what THEIR identify score is.

Identified lets you know how ‘in demand’ you are in the market right now. That means how much companies value your professional background and what companies or people are looking for someone like you right now. With Identified, you get immediate feedback on what other professionals and companies think of you and how you can improve your professional image.

It's ironic that there are employment agencies out there that claim they can identify a perfect candidate for a job from just a 2 second handshake but unfortunately, that's not quite how most of the employment agencies work. It seems that to get a foot in the door one must appear to be one of the best candidates for the job and Identified delivers a very specialized and free employment tool that can improve your standing and make your presence stand out when a company is on a head hunting mission. 

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