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Idiom is a translation app that helps you learn foreign languages. It works with just about any ... More

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Published 8 Jan 2019

If you asked a hundred people to tell you which foreign language translation app they use, the chances are that most of them would say Google Translate. It's the obvious go-to translation app because everyone knows Google. However, while there are heaps of apps out there that all claim to be the best translation app in town, there can be quite a difference in their features and their ease of use. Some are based on voice activation, some offer a copy and paste option, some are designed specifically for travelers while others have a limited language option. Then there are the other options that need to be taken into account. Does the app work on all devices and what does it cost?

We've come across a translation app that serves up something a little bit different than many of the others. Idiom is a new free app for both Android and iOS that helps you learn foreign languages using pretty much any content that you have available. It can be foreign language websites, newspapers, novels and books or even Instagram photos and WhatsApp text, if it comes to that. Just tap to translate any word into over 100 languages. What’s more, while it works with just about any content the app also features a whole bunch of starting points to help your learning motivation and to find something to get you going on any given day.

Where Idiom differs dramatically from other similar apps in that it translates...