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Store and read all file types from your cloud storage and iPhone in one place

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Access, organize, and edit every file* stored on your iOS device & on your cloud storage ... More

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Published 21 Jan 2013

While it is great to have so many different portals to collect and store data it does tend throw up a few problems when you are trying to find and organize something important. We tend to use our various devices in different ways. When we are out and about it is often more convenient to save content to our iPhone while, when at the office it could be your iPad. Then there's the stuff that you have saved to your cloud storage. And we haven't even started on the different file types yet - some of which work on one device and not on others. iFile Browser is a new file management and storage application for iOS that lets you access and organize all the files from your iDevices and your cloud storage no matter what format the file is.
The iFile Browser is one of those great yet simple problem solving apps that will make you wonder why you didn't use it before. One of the inevitable problems with having so many different ways of collecting and storing data these days is having the ability to access it later all in one place. This app goes some way to solving that problem by allowing you to access, organize and edit every single file stored on your iOS device, as well as in your cloud storage accounts, all in the one place. The app also links directly with iCloud and Dropbox accounts too. Basically, it lets you...