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Published 6 Feb 2013

[cont'd] they can be redirected to iFile Download Manager for automatic download!
The beauty of this download management application is that it can make your iDevice almost as functional as your PC when linked with a file browser like iFile. The bad thing though, is that even though the developer has been working on this app since iOS 5 was introduced, there has been more than a few people who have searched out other ways of achieving these goals out of frustration and a few have even gone down the Android route. Many have used iCab Mobile but it can be notoriously laggy at times. IFile download Manager does it simply and easily and, at under five bucks, it's a pretty cheap way to solve a problem. The big hope is that, with iOS 6 just around the corner, we don't have to wait ages for that one.
For a couple of lucky FeedMyApp readers we have a very special offer courtesy of the developer Beleela. They have provided two special promo codes and if you are one of the first two customers to download iFile Download Manager it is completely free - but you've got to be quick. Here are the codes: PPFA4337J7AT / HRNEKLJEWJ97