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Are you making a film or are you in the middle of making one? Congratulations! You probably want ... More

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Published 22 Dec 2012

The last ten years or so have not proven kind for independent filmmakers. It's hard enough to get your film made in the first place without trying to find ways of getting it noticed and turning it into a hit upon release. And with most of the takings coming in the first month of release it's important for your film to get maximum exposure at film festivals to potentially give it the leg-up it needs before opening. IFilmFest is an iOS application that gives the filmmaker a comprehensive guide to all the biggest film festivals around the world. This up to date movie application gives you dates and submission deadlines for the most prestigious film festivals all around the world.
If you are planning on making a film or are at present in the middle of making one, you probably want to consider submitting your film to film festivals pretty soon. There are many of them these days but some hold better weight than others so it is important to submit your masterpiece to the right one. If you don't know where to find them all, or are interested in their different styles and genres, then iFilmFest has all the information on them. Even more importantly it lists their deadlines for submission. The iFilmfest app is a constantly updated guide to international film festivals and is strictly comprised of over 300 of the most respected and influential international film festivals on the global circuit. The app...