Developer description

iFlow is an HR SaaS that helps employers to easily keep track of their employees‘ worked hours, from home or the headquarters. We are encouraging companies to allow their staff to work from home. Our app helps them to easily manage their employees’ work schedule, their working hours, and their data. Another important feature, considering the times we are living, is that they can upload documents right into the app and access them from anywhere they are. Is essential because employees can upload fast and easy their medical certificate, so they don't need to come physically to hand it over.

Every company, no matter the size, needs an automated tool like our app, iFlow, so they can eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters for the business's success. Keeping the control of your employees is even more critical with the Coronavirus outbreak, companies need to focus all their efforts on taking care of their employees, clients, and business. They shouldn’t waste time with tasks that can be automated.

⏰ iFlow time & attendance features:

- Employees self-service with iFlow profiles for every employee
- Easy schedule planning: custom shifts, predefined shifts, plan the work schedule for one year in less than 5 minutes with copy/paste functions
- Real attendance: your employees can check-in/check-out of work from any device.
iFlow registers the GPS location from where they punched-in/out.
- Annual leave/sick leave/time off, and any other type of events are added by team members (employees), and approved or rejected by team leaders or administrators
- E-mail notifications whenever an employee added a request
- Dashboard with everybody's events. Quickly check the team's calendar
- Timesheet fully customizable and automatically calculated
- Overtime hours automatically calculated
- Enjoy a predefined holiday list that can be customized by you
- Real-time access from anywhere you are and from any device

Last updated 6 Apr 2020

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