Developer description

Are your wits quick like a cat’s? You play as a cat between two aquariums where the fish leap back and forth. Your challenge: swipe over the cat or hit the buttons to leap up to catch the fishes in mid-air. Time your hits right and you gain points for every one you catch, but watch out for the crabs and starfishes! Touch them three times and it’s GAME OVER! You can share your score and challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It sounds simple, but the difficulty goes up as the fishes zip faster through each of five challenging levels! Are your reflexes up to it?

With its adorable designs and simple controls, iFunny Cat promises hours of crazy awesome feline fun. It’s fast-paced but easy to learn, so people of any age group can play. Try it once and we guarantee you won’t put it down. Download it today!


Last updated 20 Dec 2012